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i need some distraction.

i can't paint my nails anymore, so this pretty orange is all over my fingers. what does that mean?

the other day i saw the most disturbing video and was quite horrified by it. but it's not so unnerving if you know who "The Goddess Bunny" is. actually, technically, she's a man, and she looks the way she does because she was born with polio. apparently she's very famous in Hollywood's underground scene.

i'm going to kill myself if i lost my Speech book. honestly, i just don't do things like that. i don't lose Speech books - especially not Speech books that cost 50 dollars. especially not Speech books that other people have to use too. this school year just isn't going the way it should.

Associated Press
A local area man was taken into custody yesterday on charges of creating a public disturbance. Neighbors report first noticing the disturbance at approximately 3:30pm and alerting police at 3:45; the unidentified man was charged and arrested without incident shortly thereafter. Onlookers and passers-by described the disturbance as "very disturbing."


i really don't feel like going anywhere right now. not to Starbucks to study and chat with people to whom i cannot relate. and i don't want to be able to realte, which makes their company even more troubling, because what am i supposed to say to them? i don't want to be like them, but i don't want to cause conflict by being different. i never want to cause conflict, period.

Ali says i let people walk all over me, and i know that i do. i'm trying to change, but it's hard not to come off as rude or selfish or unreasonable. why do i even care? i'd rather be me. that's not selfish, i don't think.

anyway. life is beautiful. thank you, my twilight.

sank yu, mai tawailaiiiiiiiiight!
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