Lisz (chikapachikapa) wrote,

the thing about unconditional love is...

if you've ever had it for anyone, then you must always have it for everyone.

at least, that's what makes sense to me. because when you love someone unconditionally, what is it that you love about them? it can't be their personality, because our personalities are always changing. it can't be about anything lovely or enjoyable or beautiful or intelligent about their mind or their behavior. it can't be about how they interact with you, or what their life means in relation to yours.

when you love someone without conditions, i mean really without conditions, you simply love their existence, their being, their spirit. and this part of us, this spirit, is the same in me as it is in you. it's the same in Mother Theresa as it is in Hitler and Gandhi and George Bush and your parents and your friends and your enemies and Bill Gates and Britny Spears and the homeless man asking for your change. it's the element that makes us all equal when in every other aspect we are not equal at all. it's the part of us that just is because we just are. if you love a person for any reason other than that, it has to be based on certain conditions. so i think unconditional love is more rare than people think.

it may even be impossible.

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