Lisz (chikapachikapa) wrote,

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my pinky nail is painted such a nice blood red.

i'm wearing a wig and it kind of makes me feel like a different person. but that could also be a side effect of my complete lack of sleep last night. hopefully i can force myself to stay awake all day, and then fall asleep at a normal and sane hour tonight. wouldn't that be something? a normal bedtime.

right now i'm in Royal Oak with quite a lot of time to kill. what shall i do? maybe see a movie, or two.

the coffee shop i went to earlier is so nice. the employees there are so friendly, and they know the names of everybody who comes in. and they actually say the person's name, which sounds so strange and wonderful to me, because i hardly ever hear anyone actually say a person's name anymore.

i think maybe i'll buy a lot of wigs and wear them every day. wouldn't that be something? a different wig for every day of the week.
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