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In the "event" of a water landing,

please keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle as it disentigrates into a hundred million sparkly burning bits.

• • •

"There is a fairy tale about two frogs in a can of sour cream. The frogs were drowning in the cream. There was nothing solid there; they could not jump from the can. One of the frogs understood there was no hope, and he stopped beating the sour cream with his legs. He just died. He drowned in sour cream. The other one did not want to give up. There was absolutely no way it could change anything, but it just kept kicking and kicking and kicking. And then all of a sudden, the sour cream was churned into butter. Then the frog stood on the butter and jumped out of the can. So you look at the sour cream and you think, 'There is no way I can do anything with that.' But sometimes, unexpected things happen."

• • •

1.) dream about end of world
2.) build fort out of sofa

• • •

Q. What pets make beautiful music?
A. Trum-pets!

Q. Why is an empty purse always the same?
A. Because it never has any change in it!

Q. Why do dogs like to bark?
A. A frog in a blender!

Q. What is the best thing in a cake?
A. Teeth!
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