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last night i dreamt that i somehow managed to pull the moon down from the sky. i'm not sure if it was an accident or if i did it on purpose.

in my hands it looked like a rather large, misshapen jelly-bean. it was soft like a jelly-bean, too, and coated with a thin grey shell that glowed in the dark. i kept trying to show it to people - show them what it was and how i'd taken it out of the sky - but no one would listen.

as i held it in my hands, the grey coating started to crack and crumble, which frightened me and caused me to panic, thinking what have i done? i didn't consider the moon's affect on the tides or anything like that, i just thought about how everybody would be so sad without their beloved moon to illuminate the night sky. after all, the moon was something that had always been there, something people could depend on and i suspected that, without it there, every person on earth would feel a little bit empty inside.

so i frantically tried to come up with ways to put it back - maybe throw it as hard as i could or build some sort of machine or something - but i kept thinking even if i can get it back up there, will it give off any light without this shell? i doubted it. it really seemed hopeless; i really felt awful about it. i can't remember what happened after that, but i think i just gave up.

anyway, i didn't remember any of this until i was in the car this morning on my way to work, and i saw the moon all nice and pretty and white against the blue sky. as soon as i saw it i felt so relieved but had no idea why. then all at once my dream came back to me and it made perfect sense.

it was a good feeling.
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